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We carry a wide range of quality CPAP and BIPAP products and supplies. A&P Quality Care is Austin's top CPAP supply.
A&P Quality Care offers sophisticated and simple invasive and noninvasive ventilation equipment.
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A&P Quality Care is recognized for its outstanding respiratory care. Our services include concentrators and Pulse Oximeters.
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A&P Quality Care is the #1 nebulizer provider in the Austin area. We help adult and pediatrics with seasonal and long term conditions.
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A&P Quality Care Medical is Austin's best CPAP and Medical Supply!

Austin area medical providers rely on us to provide quality medical equipment. We provide CPAP supplies, BIPAP supplies, CPAP/BIPAP Machines, nebulizers, ventilators, oxygen therapy, and a full range of quality medical supplies. A&P is proud to service our patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric.

We are committed to providing quality products with quality customer service. A&P Quality Care Medical is Nationally Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

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Customer Reviews

A&P Quality Care Medical
4.6 Stars - Based on 18 User Reviews

  • Just wanted to say A&P Quality Air have been amazing to work with. Their customer service is amazing and always answers all my questions. My son is on oxygen and John helped us learn how to use the equipment he was super thorough. We were very impressed with John and the company. They answer all my questions night and day and have came out to my house twice. I highly recommend this company.

    Krystal Moncure Avatar
    Krystal Moncure
  • Great responsiveness and customer service. Thank you.

    Traci Cotton Avatar
    Traci Cotton
  • This place is AMAZING..I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE...Jason the CPAP program coordinator is amazing hes very professional he takes his time with you to make sure you have everything you need and makes sure you have all the information and answers for your cpap machine.. I am so glad my insurance sent me to this place.. very friendly and helpful staff, thank you Jason for making my experience beyond amazing....

    Nicole Spencer Avatar
    Nicole Spencer
  • Employees were very nice, and helpful. Explained how to use my cpap very clearly.

    Debbie Hinklin Clark Avatar
    Debbie Hinklin Clark
  • We’ve never worked with a more responsive and helpful DME company. We are new to the area and so far have been very impressed with A&P Quality Care Medical. They have gone the extra mile to help us.

    Heather McVay Avatar
    Heather McVay
  • 1 star ratingAWFUL DME company.  We used them for about a year and I believe there may have been 1 month they didn't get an order wrong.

    I have 2 special needs children so not only is time extremely valuable to me, ensuring they get the forest supplies and in a timely manor is paramount.

    What's worse is I met the owner of the company as we were getting ready to choose a new company.  I explained all of the issues we had, concerns I'd had with conversations with employees and what I'd like to see moving forward.

    He literally looked at me like I was bothering him, offered NO apology or offer of help, and walked away.

    I'm a believer in supporting local business but am disgusted at his attitude and inadequate business practices.

    I would STRONGLY recommend choosing another company that values their customers.

    Jennie L. Avatar
    Jennie L.
  • Top notch service. We were treated so well. Very happy with A&P.

    Scott Haas Avatar
    Scott Haas
  • John at A&P is super amazing and very dedicated to his clients. He really goes the extra mile when it comes to doing everything he can to make sure his clients needs are met and all equipment is up to date and functioning. He's always available and quick to answer calls or house visits you may need at any time. Highly recommend this company and their awesome worker John( very awesome guy)!!!!!

    Yari Elizondo Avatar
    Yari Elizondo
  • 5 star ratingFast,  efficient, top notch customer service. I couldn't be happier.

    Katherine P. Avatar
    Katherine P.
  • Jason, the tech who set me up with my new CPAP, was GREAT!!! Not only was he super knowledgeable and thorough, he was also really friendly and just plain nice, He made the entire process very easy and comfortable.

    Andrew Fleischmann Avatar
    Andrew Fleischmann
  • As a social worker with a local hospital system I can say A&P staff are a joy to work with and always so helpful!!

    Amber Bufkin Avatar
    Amber Bufkin
  • I highly recommend this place. Very professional, and helpful. Jason was amazing. He made me feel comfortable, and really knew a lot about the products. Just over all great experience. Thank you

    jason schreiber Avatar
    jason schreiber
  • I found the people there to be very patient and willing to work with you through paperwork that was inadequate.

    Tina Kinn Avatar
    Tina Kinn
  • Very pleased with the service and products delivered by A&P Quality Care. My new CPAP machine is great! A huge improvement over the one I replaced. Jason and Eva have been outstanding in helping me choose and obtain my equipment. I highly recommend this company for anyone's CPAP needs.

    Michael McDermitt Avatar
    Michael McDermitt
  • 5 star ratingI showed up this morning because it was right down the street from my house. I didn't expect to accomplish much but, boy was I wrong. The receptionist introduced me to Linda who assessed my situation and within minutes had me fitted with the right equipment. She introduced me to Yesenia Meza who took it from there and thoroughly explained there system and processed my payment. This company is hiring the right people to represent them. I will return periodically to buy equipment from them without hesitation.

    Ron Zarriello

    Ronald Z. Avatar
    Ronald Z.